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30min Organic Facial Reg$45 Now$40+tax
60min Organic Facial Reg$75 Now $65+tax
75min Combo Massage Reg$83 Now$66
75min Master Massage Reg$92 Now$77


Therapist of the Month: Connie LMT LE

 Expert in the mind- body-spirit connection. Join her in September for her Organic Facial or try the whole “shebang” with the Heart & Soul Spa Package!





Energy Face Lift Access


What limitations have you locked into your Body and Being creating what you define as beauty and not beauty? What if how you look is the sum of the judgements that are stored in your body? Access Energetic Facelift  clears stagnant energies to rejuvenates your face and body without surgical intervention.  Restore the Infinite energy of YOU as you gift and receive this body process. Become an Energetic Facelift Practitioner after this class.

4 Iowa Category B CEs for LMT’s

Energy Face Lift Instructor: Amy Williams

Amy’s Energy Balancing work incorporates many tools and modalities. Each session is unique and will follow the energy of where the imbalances are and what is required at that time. As an Eden Energy Medicine clinical practitioner she has the training and techniques to assess all of the body’s nine subtle energy systems.