Chair Massage

Hands in Harmony performs a 10-30 minute (per individual) relaxing massage. With chair massage, our therapists concentrate on the client’s neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and temples, which immediately reduces stress and helps alleviate muscle tension. Not only does this encourage morale and appreciation in the workplace but increases productivity in individuals. This is one experience you and your employees will never forget!
Corporate Chair Massage Offers Many Benefits to you and you’re Employees/Clients:
Proven to reduce stress, relax and calm the nerves of tense or fatigued employees
A calming and comforting touch provides a physical and mental rejuvenation for those employees engaged in time sensitive mentally challenging projects. Current Medical research (UniversityofMiami’sSchoolofMedicine) indicates that a basic 15 minute chair massage not only decreased job stress but significantly increased alertness and work productivity.
Ideal for workers that develop the “kink in the neck or shoulders” or headaches due to overuse syndrome on the phone, computer workstation, or have “lifting/bending/carrying” type jobs.
The perfect experience for the overachievers that have a difficult time relaxing.
Massage therapy improves mental activity in the workplace and gives employees
time to refocus on difficult workloads with extra vitality.
Treating your employees to a weekly/monthly or occasional massage will show your employees that you appreciation them for all their hard work and help boost morale in the workplace! 



A great way to thank our employees!  – Hands in Harmony client