Due to the many moving parts of spa packages, couple treatments & body wraps we ask that you please call into our office to schedule.


Side By Side Couples Massage

Couples Massage includes the two of you, side-by-side in a private massage room for the combo massage of your choice.  You can choose the basic couples massage or pick from a variety of add-ons to personalize your spa experience.

30min $100/45min $120/ 60min $155/75min $190/90min $230/120min $288

Couples Massage Cedar Rapids IowaDeluxe Couples Massage

Deluxe Couples Massage: includes 30 minutes in our whirlpool bath for the both of you to relax and rejuvenate. 

 30min $140/ 45min $160/ 60min $195/ 75min $230/ 90min $270/120min $328

Ultimate Couples Massage

The Ultimate Couples massage is a total experience in relaxation. For couples, friends, or family wishing to retreat in total privacy. Both of you will share a whirlpool tub for 30 minutes to wash away all stress. Share a luxurious bottle of wine with fresh fruit, cheese, and handmade chocolates. Then to complete your day spend 30 minutes or more in a private room with the one you love while you melt into the table with a custom massage.

30min $160 / 45min $180/ 60min $21575min $25090min $290120min $348

Champagne and Rose Ultimate Couples

Experience the ultimate in relaxation & relaxation! Start with side-by-side champagne & rose exfoliation followed by a soak for TWO in our private whirlpool room while enjoying champagne & chocolate dipped strawberries. Finish it all off with our signature champagne & rose body wrap with 30min massage tailored just for you.


Hot Buttered Rum Couples Massage 

Start with a warm Butter Rum Sugar Scrub followed by a 30min Private Whirlpool Soak & finish it all off with a Hot Shandy Stone Massage! 

30min $220 60min $28590min $360

Sweet Retreat Ultimate Couples Massage

Begin slow exfoliation using a sugared triple shot coffee & caramel blend that smells so delicious you’ll be taking deep breaths just to savor the sensory bliss.  

Then the both of you will enjoy a soothing, warm whole milk & honey soak while sipping on a warm drink of your choice and enjoying handmade soft caramels. Finished with a light, moisturizing Country Caramel Melt body wrap and massage. 


There will be a  min. charge of $100.00 for any flooding of the whirlpool tub or damage to the tub room.

A credit card will be required to all reservations over $100.00.

A 24 hour notice is Required for all cancellations or you will be charged for the full amount of service and tub time.