Floating is part therapy, part meditation, part transcendence and all relaxation. Feel like you are floating on a cloud. Classically known as “sensory deprivation”, floatation therapy is suitable for professionals, athletes, meditators and everyone in between, including children and the elderly.  

Each appointment is about 90 minutes for a 60 minute float due to the pre-shower, which is for removing oils from the skin and hair products, and the post shower to remove the salt solution from your skin and hair.  

Waterproof swimmers ear plugs are required to help cancel out noise and keep the salt water out of your ears. 

 *prices subject to change without notice. terms and conditions may apply.

* Memberships require auto debit from a checking or savings account

* To ensure an appointment time please call head our facility services clients from Cedar Rapids, Swisher, Ely, Hiawatha, Marion, North Liberty and all surrounding areas and even out of state.

Single Float Sessions Prices

60 minute                                            $55.00

90 minute                                            $ 66.00

120 minute                                          $ 88.00

In appreciation Honest Floating joins our hands for heroes program and is offering all veterans 15% off single float pricing.

Frequent Floater Membership Prices

 12 Month Package

$55.00 a month for 1 hour session

(12 month commitment required)

6 Month Package

$60.00 a month for a 1 hour session

(6 month commitment required)



Float Tank & Massage Membership

$110 Monthly Auto Debit 

Includes 60min Combo Massage and 60min Float Tank session. 

$55.00 each per massage & float. Each additional combo massage and float at $55 pricing.

12 Month Membership Required

One person per Float Tank/Massage Membership Please.

CranioSacral/Reiki & Float Tank Fusion Prices

Experience inner peace and calm and the healing energy of the Float Tank,

Your Inner Physician and Reiki all combined in one session.

Schedule a private Float Tank Fusion Session with Wahneta Dimmer.

(Swimwear required. Prerequisite: 60min CST Session)

60 minute                                            $ 150

Float Tank  

First Float

Benefits of Floating